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Tests of powder coatings

Film Testing - Surface Characteristics

Films (Powder Coating)
Test Method Procedure (s) Primary Test Equipment
Surface Characteristics    
Smoothness PCI # 20 Smoothness Standards
Gloss ASTM D523 Glossmeter
Color ASTM D2244 Colorimeter
Distinctness of Image   Visual Observations
Contrast Ratio PCI #3 Special Substrates,
  ASTM D2805 Reflectance Instruments

Film Testing - Physical Characteristics

Films (Powder Coating)
Physical Test Primary Test Equipment
Characteristics Procedure (s)  
Film Thickness ASTM D 1186 Magnetic Film Thick Gauge,
  ASTM D1400 Eddy Current Induce Gauge
Impact ASTM D2794 Impact Tester
Flexibility ASTM D522 Conical or Cylindrical Mandrel
Adhesion ASTM 2197 Balanced-Beam Scrape-Adhesion,
  ASTM D3359 Cross Hatch Cutting Device and Tape
Hardness ASTM D3363 Calibrated Drawing Leads or Pencils
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4060 Taber Abrader and Abrasive Wheels
  ASTM D968  
Edge Coverage ASTM 296 Standard Substrate and Micrometer
Chip Resistance ASTM D3170 Gravelometer


Films (Powder Coatings)
Test Method Procedure(s) Primary Test Equipment
Environmental Characteristics    
Solvent Resistance   MEK or other
Stain Resistance ASTM D1308 Standard Reagents
Chemical Resistance   Immersion or Spot Tests
Humidity ASTM D 1735 Standard Water Fog
  ASTM D2447 Chamber, Test Chamber 100% RH
    at 100F
Salt Spray ASTM B117 Salt Fog Chamber
Exterior ASTM D1014 Panel Racks
Accelerated ASTM D4141 Special Racks and Reflector
    Weatherometer, QUV and
Artificial ASTM D5031 Equipment ASTM G23,
  ASTM D 822 G26, G53
  ASTM D4587  
  ASTM D3361  




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