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Spray Booth

A spray booth is a pressure controlled closed environment, used to spray paint. To ensure the ideal working conditions (temperature, air flow, humidity), these environments are equipped with one or more groups of ventilation.

Spray booth fall into two broad category liquid spray booth and powder spray booth

Liquid Spray Booth
Liquid  Spray Booth is used to spray Liquid or wet paint

Types of Liquid Spray Booth

Powder Spray Booth

A Powder spray booth is generally a cubical chamber. The bottom portion of the booth is provided with a conical shaped hopper with or without vibrating  plate. A powder coating booth design is basically a design for controlled air flow. The controlled air flow and velocity ensures maximum powder recovery, lower contamination of powder due to efficient recovery and thereby optimum utilisation of the powder.

Types of Powder Spray Booth
Cyclone Recovery System
The oversprayed powder falls on the sloped wall of the hopper. The oversprayed powder is sucked into the suction ducts which is connected to the inlet of the cyclone recovery unit. The Cyclone Powder collector and powder feeder unit is simplest way to maintain high powder recovery upto 98% of the powder exhausted from the powder spray booth.   Air exhausted from powder booth contains oversprayed powder. This powder laden air is fed into the cyclone at reasonably high velocity. This air-powder mixture is applied with  rotary motion; which causes the powder particles to undergo a high centrifugal force. This causes throwing away of heavier powder particles from the air stream. The powder particles then drops down into the collection chamber in a hopper cone at the bottom.

The Cartridge Type Recovery


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