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A message from India Powder Coating founder
Vivek Soley



Around thirteen  years ago I conceived the idea of an online solution for the Indian Powder Coating industry. I got a lot of funny looks at that time when I started talking to people about India Powder Coating.  It was considered meaningless and foolish to create an open database of the Indian Powder Coating Industry and to distribute a free newsletter about it. Why such valuable information should be declared open free?

Internet was rare and considered to be a teenage activity for chatting and surfing . An email was always followed by a phone call and a snail mail. Things have changed a lot since then.

However the site slowly started taking shape around thirteen years ago in 2001 on a free domain initially and then on a regular dot com domain from July 7th 2001.  Our website provides you all the information you always needed.

The initial editions of the ipc e newsletter were issued for a few months in the text format. Without a single miss . All the past newsletters are archived here The first HTML newsletter was released in August 2001. The  present format of the website and the newsletter came into existence on Aug 15, 2004 The subscribers are now estimated to be 5000. Further more its forwarded and shared through many social networking sites.

On January 1st 2009 the Lets Finish It came into existence with a more general spectrum of the finishing industry. This was followed by the Lets Finish It (Wiki) , another innovative concept of community editing. However, the wiki version was later closed down due to excessive vandalism and commercial promotions of products and services by individuals. We would consider restarting it again.

All this could not have happened without your support.

Let me thank you for all the support you have given to this website in the past . We need your support. Help us serve you better. Contribute more, in the form of academic information , database and commercial promotion of your products, technology and services.


Vivek Soley